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Design & copywriting for an outstanding price!

Graphic Design Team

How much does a design cost?

Professional design and copywriting projects start at $89 per hour. CLICK HERE to get a detailed estimate for your project.

How do I know how much time you are taking on my design?

Every time we work on your project we will email you an updated time report. That way, there are no surprises.

Instead of hourly, can you quote me a flat fee?

Yes. When you fill out our quote form here, let us know in your brief that you want a flat fee quote.

What do I pay to get started?

A 50% deposit will get your project up and running.

Copywriting Service

We can create the perfect copy for your brochure or edit any existing copy you may have. Our goal is to ensure that your message is clear and engaging.

Easy Collaboration

Our online proofing app makes it easy to check your design. We can collaborate in one place, so revisions and edits are clear and easy to understand.

Proven Workflow

We’ve been making beautiful designs for over 21 years and have a proven creative process. We can work with any client worldwide quickly and effectively.

Dedicated Team

Work with the same designers every time. This gives us the chance to build a close relationship and become your personal design team.

Get Beautiful Prints

In addition to designing great brochures, we can also print them. That way, you can relax knowing we take care of everything.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Let us know if you don’t like your first design. We’ll redo the design for free. Our design team stands behind our work.

Brochure Design and Print Prices

Large Brochure Design

They are fast, professional, financially fair, and passionate about their products.

“I was more than amazed with what the design team could do in such a short amount of time. For anyone who may have reservations trying to convey a vision over the phone or worry about communication and a timeline, I can personally tell you that I have had no issues working with Brochure Builders. Their work is phenomenal and professional.”

Michael BrownChief Operating Officer, Meritus Solutions Group

Love your design

Our design team listens to what you need and ensures that your marketing message is clear, engaging, and concise.

Work from anywhere

We are a U.S. Based graphic design agency that can work with any company anywhere in the world.

Work 1 to 1

Work directly with the people who touch your design. No salespeople, no outsourcing.

Fair pricing

Our pricing is flexible. We have options for any budget.

Got Questions?

Still have questions? We have put together some of the best questions ever asked by clients, friends, and competitors. Please take a look at our FAQ page to learn more.

Free Consultation

Want to just talk about your project and get professional advice? No problem, email us at [email protected], or call us at 888-421-0602.

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