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Receive a design proof in your inbox.

Your new proofs are delivered right to your inbox. With one click, your proof opens on our easy-to-use design collaboration tool. You can view, comment, markup, attach files and even approve your proof for print. 

Easy markup tool

In the same way that you would draw markups on a hard copy, you can use the online markup tools to indicate where changes need to be made. Use the side-by-side comparison tool to ensure your changes were reflected in the revised version.

How long do I get to review my proof?

Take all the time you need. We send out friendly reminders every couple of days to ensure you aren’t waiting on us for anything. If you get a reminder notification, just let us know how long you need (e.g., another week), and we can adjust the schedule.

Make comments and attach files.

There is no need to search through email threads to find the most recent layout, file, or change request. Make comments directly on your proof, so we know exactly what needs to be changed and where. There is no guesswork!

How many revisions do I get?

You can make as many revisions as you like to your design. We want to encourage you to lean on our expertise, and if you have any questions or design ideas, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with us as we might have a better solution. Collaboration is part of getting an effective and professional design layout.

How do you know when I am done making changes?

Once you have thoroughly reviewed and commented on your design proof and are ready for us to work on those changes, click the MAKE DECISION button at the top of your screen.

Then select CHANGES REQUIRED. This will automatically send us a notification that we can start working on revising your design. IMPORTANT: Until we get that notification, we assume you are still reviewing and editing your layout.

Approve your design with a click.

With one click, you can let us know when you’re done commenting on your design or if you have approved your design for print production and file delivery. 

How do I finish a review?

After a review, it’s time to MAKE A DECISION. If your design is exactly the way you want it, we ask you to click APPROVED. If you have remaining changes, even if it is just one last change, please click CHANGES REQUIRED. 


Stop thinking your brochures designed in-house are good enough!

“For a small company such as ourselves, the temptation is to deliver something from Word or PowerPoint and hope that it looks ‘professional enough’. The truth is that portrays ‘amateur hour’ which detracts from the message. Brochure Builders has truly helped us get away from that pitfall. Our printed literature now portrays a much more professional image of the company.”

Tony CoxTechnical Sales Director, Sirius Automation

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