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What do you need from me to get started?

Every project is different but the main things we usually need are: Your logo (if you have one), text and content you need in the design. Any other material needed will be discussed and identified by the Creative Director on a project by project basis. We also need a 50% deposit to start all projects.

Do you need a deposit to start my project?

Yes, we require a 50% deposit to place your project in production. The remaining balance isn’t due until you approve your design for print or delivery of files.

How long until I see the first design concept?

How fast do you need it? We can move as quickly as you need us to but typically once we get started, you should get the initial design concept anywhere from 2 to 5 days.

What do you charge for your services?

We charge one price which includes, graphic design, two rounds of revisions, professional full-color printing, and shipping your product to you. There is an additional charge if you need something rushed or if you need more time to revise your design. Our Creative Director can explain all costs as well as provide a specific quote sheet that breaks all costs out so you see exactly what you are getting.

Do you serve clients nationwide?

Absolutely but actually we work with clients worldwide. We are as close as your computer. With our sophisticated proofing software, we can collaborate on your project as if we were sitting at the same table. Even if you are in Hillsboro, Illinois.

Collaborating On Proofs

How much do you charge for edits?

You can make as many revisions to your design as you like. Once you are done making revisions you simply indicate that on your proof. We then put up a new and revised VERSION of your design. You are allowed up to 6 revised versions of your design. Which is a lot! Our proofing software will always show you how many versions we have done. In the case that additional versions are needed after six, you will be charged $150 and you get 3 more versions.

How do I view my proofs?

We email you a link that opens your proof. There is no need for logging in or remembering passwords. You can make comments directly on your proof. Using the easy-to-use tools, you can point to specific items or text and make comments that we see in real time. You can even attach files to your comments. There is no lost communication in what you need revised and no matter how many people you need to review the design, all feedback stays centralized. We can respond to those comments and collaborate with you quickly.

How do I send you files?

We will send you a link to a personal drop box that will allow you to quickly drop any and all files you need to give us. The personal dropbox puts your files directly in your project folder so nothing gets lost in emails.

What is a Round and a Version?

One ROUND consists of you completing a full review of your proof and Submitting a Decision of CHANGES REQUIRED with your requested changes. Our design team works on your submitted design changes and then posts the newly revised proof for you to review again. This constitutes 1 ROUND. The newly revised proof is a new VERSION which is different from the previous version. Some jobs have multiple Rounds with, of course, multiple Versions. 

If you miss some of my changes on the revised proof, am I still charged for that round?

Yes, but only if you still have additional changes to make on your design. For example, let’s say during one round you have 6 comments (change requests) submitted. Our team does 4 but misses 2 and submits the new version. You noticed the 2 missed but you also have 3 NEW additional changes. You are charged a round because you still have 3 new changes that have no bearing on the 2 changes that were missed. In the case that you have no new additional changes then we would correct the 2 that were missed, and you would NOT be charged a round.