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We collect information under the following circumstances: When you begin a project, When you sign up to download our product catalog or other get started toolkit material, When you make any payment, When you submit (upload or email) digital files to our cloud storage.

Beginning a Project
When you begin a project with Brochure Builders, either by phone, in person, or email, we will collect certain information that will help us work with you most efficiently. Specifically, we collect and maintain your contact information including your name, company name, shipping and billing address, email address, phone numbers, and website address. To help us get your project in motion, we also ask for your current brochure, related content, logo, and artwork you might like to see in your new brochure. This information is stored in your client file on our computer database and is not shared with third parties unless directed by the client. We collect this information for the purpose of providing our service, identifying and communicating with you, responding to your requests/inquiries, servicing your purchase orders, soliciting future business, and improving our services.

Signing up to download our product catalog, toolkit or subscribe to blog posts
When you sign up to download the product catalog or blog posts from Brochure Builders, we collect your name, email address, phone, and company name which are stored on our secured database. Periodically, we send promotional and informational emails highlighting special discounted products. Out of respect for your privacy, we provide you with a way to unsubscribe. Please see the Choice and Opt-out section below.

Making a Payment
When you make a payment to Brochure Builders, you may do so by credit card or by checking through our safe online payment portal. We use INTUIT PAYMENT NETWORK and/or MELIO for processing to charge you for our services. They do not retain, share, store, or use personally identifiable information for any other purposes.

When we e-mail invoices, you will have the option to pay through our secured payment portal with a credit card or check, or by phone using a credit card or by mailing a check. When we charge your credit card, we will take your financial information (such as credit card number, expiration date) by phone and the information will be stored [in your customer detail file on our bookkeeping system]. We will only charge your credit card at your specific request.

Choice and Opt-out
At any time, you may choose to opt-out of receiving communications from us regarding special offers, discounts, and newsletters. You may do this by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email advertisement. Please note that once you opt-out, you are permanently flagged as unsubscribed in our database and will not receive any special offer emails. This does not opt you out of regular or standard client/company communication from Brochure Builders. In the case that you have more than one email in our special offers databases such as [email protected] and [email protected], you will need to manually opt-out of each one.

Customer Service
In order to provide you with the quickest and highest quality service, we rely heavily upon email communication. Design consultation, project revision, design proofing, and billing often occur via email communication. For this reason, we suggest that you add emails from Brochure Builders to your email safe list.

Use of Assets and Client Files
Brochure Builders reserves the right to use any client material and/or files submitted to us by the client, or persons acting on behalf of the client, for promotional marketing, case studies, before and after examples, or for any reason to market Brochure Builders and/or promote skill demonstration to clients, prospects and the public marketplace.