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These terms of Use (“Agreement”) set forth the legally binding terms for doing business with Brochure Builders. By commissioning graphic design, and/or placing a deposit, and/or making a payment of any kind for the purposes of graphic design or printing services to Brochure Builders (DADDYWHOA CREATIVE LLC) you are accepting this Agreement and you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, and capacity to enter into this Agreement. By placing a deposit or payment whereas Brochure Builders is hired to design and/or print, you have entered into this Agreement and are subject to the Terms and Conditions and the Payment Policy posted hereafter.


A digital proof will be provided of your design(s) for you, the client, to ensure the accuracy of your design and to obtain your final approval. You may request as many changes and/or corrections to your design as you see fit until your final approval. Brochure Builders will revise the design based on your revision requests and provide new proof. Ultimately you, the client, have full approval power and agree to full responsibility for proofreading every aspect of your design. You, the client, agree to full responsibility for the accuracy of the design which includes but is not limited to; spelling, grammar, capitalization, images and photographs, color accuracy, print quantity, and paper size. Brochure Builders is not responsible for any errors (typos, misspellings, etc.) discovered in your printed product that was present on the proof you, the client, approved. Your approval of any proof is accepted in any combination of 3 ways; 1. Clicking MAKE DECISION and selecting APPROVED in our online proofing program. 2. By stating in writing your approval in any email communication to Brochure Builders, or 3. By making a final payment to Brochure Builders of the specific deliverable in question.

Brochure Builders prints our products using a CMYK, Gang Run Process. CMYK printing is the standard in the printing industry however, we do not match spot/PMS colors or offer color matching from piece to piece. CMYK is a printing process that combines four inks to create other colors. Gang–run printing describes a printing method in which multiple printing projects are placed on a common paper sheet in an effort to reduce printing costs and paper waste. This method provides a more efficient process and cheaper cost but can’t guarantee color matching. Therefore, Brochure Builders can not reprint items with minor to moderate color variations from the proof you view on our proofing system to the printed piece you receive. In addition, Brochure Builders can not reprint printed pieces you received that do not color match with previously printed pieces you received. Color matching is done to the best of our ability, but it is impossible to perfectly match digital proofs with paper printing, or match newly printed pieces with previously printed pieces. All proofs are understood to be close color representations of the printed product, and will inevitably have a certain degree of color deviation from a monitor’s display, or from a previously printed piece.


Brochure Builders ships to the address(es) listed on the client’s quote or invoice. Brochure Builders is not responsible for any shipment or liable in any shipping cost not designated on the client invoice. By paying a deposit, or any payment, the client assumes the responsibility of receiving the shipment at the address(es) designated on the client’s quote or invoice. Brochure Builders will not reprint or reship or reroute any shipments to another address after the shipment had been made from the print facility.

We cannot guarantee any project to arrive by a specified date because of factors outside of our control, such as lead-time on the press, third-party restraints, weather, acts of God, etc. We offer a target date and do our best to comply with it. If you pay extra for expedited print times or faster shipping, Brochure Builders is still not held responsible or liable in any way, be it cost or otherwise if your project does not arrive by the desired date. Any extra money paid for expediting the printing or expedited shipping may NOT be refundable as it is paid to third parties, no longer falling under the responsibility of Brochure Builders. In the event the Third Party refunds any money, that money will be refunded to you, the client. Printed products are shipped via UPS or Federal Express. We closely monitor your project from start to finish and keep you updated on your project’s status. All orders must be shipped to a physical address and not post office boxes.

You, the client, will own the copyrights and digital design files to any designs created by Brochure Builders that you, the client, commissioned Brochure Builders to complete on the condition that you, the client, agree that we reserve the right to use any design file or design concept (paid for or not paid for) for use in our design portfolio, whether on our website, print, or digital email campaigns, or any marketing campaign. Brochure Builders will never share sensitive information/images with anyone.


We require an initial deposit of 50% of your total cost to begin work. Your deposit is applied to your total balance. Once you make a deposit payment, you are entering a contractual agreement to the Terms and Conditions stated here within this website, in addition to the Payment Policy stated within this website.

To save you money, we prepay for all printing. This simple, one-time payment allows our presses to keep their prices low and we pass those savings on to you. Once you approve any project for printing, payment of your total balance is due before we can put your project into print production or delivery of any design files, native files, pdfs, or website files. Once final payment is made by the client. The job is then printed and shipped to the address listed on the client’s invoice or quote.

If for any reason you wish to cancel (or postpone) your project after you have placed your deposit but before we have produced any proof concepts, or after we have provided any proof concept(s), or after we have provided any proof design concept(s) and before we have completed any revisions, or after we have completed any proof concept(s) and completed any revision(s) on your design, or if we have done any administration, design development or collaboration and revisions on your project or design in any manner, we will bill you $79 per hour for work completed, if any, from the time of your deposit to the time of your request cancellation that your deposit does not cover; your initial deposit will be applied to that balance. You will be invoiced for any overage that your deposit does not cover. If the amount due is less than your initial deposit then you will receive a refund by check to be issued and mailed within 7 days from the request of project cancellation. PLEASE NOTE: There is a minimum of a $75 administration fee deducted from any refund. NOTE: Orders cannot be canceled after your project/design concept(s) is approved for print and/or in print production.

Should you find errors that are not represented on the proof that you “approved” please contact Brochure Builders immediately. If your shipment was damaged in any way during shipping, please contact Brochure Builders directly. Do not use any of the products and we will work diligently to correct the situation in the fastest manner possible. We may require that you mail us a few samples of the final product. This is often the best way for us to determine what may have caused the error and help us provide the best solution so that it doesn’t happen again. NOTE: Brochure Builders is not liable for any errors (misspellings, typos, misprints, etc.) in your printed piece that were represented on the proof you approved to print. The client assumes all responsibility to proofread and correct errors before approving for print or delivery of any approved files.