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Let’s Make This Easy!

Here's a quick breakdown on what we might need from you to get your project up and running.

Your Company Logo

If you don’t have a logo, or need us to create one, no problem. However, if you do have a logo, we would need the highest resolution file you have, or better yet, a vector file… such as a .ai or .eps file. Let us know if you need assistance.

Current Branding

Examples of what your company currently uses in the marketplace. Examples would be; business cards, mailers, flyers, folders, uniforms, signage, vehicle wraps or even billboards.

Your Existing Brochure

Do you have an example of the actual piece you need designed, such as an old brochure or a current one that needs a redesign. Maybe you have a combination of old brochures or flyers that you want designed into one corporate brochure.

Text and Content

The text for the brochure may be from an old brochure, a Word doc., a PowerPoint presentation, your website, or a combination of all of those. We can also help sort out text from a variety of sources to sift out only what you need for the brochure.

Pictures or Artwork

We have a vast library of professional stock images but sometimes clients need to provide us with pictures that we obviously can’t get, such as specific product shots, or a picture of a facility or the company president.

Reference Links and Material

Examples of other material or websites you like us to look at for reference. This could be from competitors, or virtually anything you like the design, color, or images.