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In this client success story we highlight, Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association, a company that produces information on the design and application of gasketed-joint PVC pipe. They also produce technical publications and recommend PVC standards recognized throughout the world. They produce and host an annual trade conference and rely on Brochure Builders to design and print the entire conference catalog, name badges, signage and other peripherals.

Amanda Cassidy, from Uni-Bell, recently took the time to for a Q&A session on how and why she started working with Brochure Builders and what the experience was like.

Q: Why did you need our services?

A: I had only been with Uni-Bell PVCPA for 3 months when I first started planning for our Annual Meeting.  I was told that the vendor who had designed the 3 previous programs was difficult to work with and far too expensive. I felt that this this was an opportunity to explore other options, so as I was shopping around for a new vendor, I came across the Brochure Builders’ website and was very impressed.

Q: Why did you hire us?

A: This was the first time working with Brochure Builders and I researched other companies but after looking over the company portfolio and speaking with the Creative Director, I felt that he understood exactly the vision I had in mind and was confident he would be able to execute.  Brochure Builders met all of our needs: Innovative, Cost Effective, can work within our timeline, and a great team to work with.

Q: What did you think of your initial designs

A: The initial design was very close to what I had envisioned.  We made some minor changes to the color scheme, but other than that, the look and feel as a whole was almost exactly what I had in mind.

Q: How would you describe the collaboration and revision process?

A: Being that this was my first time to manage this project, I was uncertain of how the process would pan out.  The Brochure Builders’ team was always accessible and very easy to work with, despite the strict deadlines and last minute requests. They handled the entire process, start to finish, with great patience and professionalism.

Q: How are the marketing items working for you?

A: I received positive feedback and many compliments from our Executive Director, as well as our Members, on the design of our Annual Meeting Program.  The additional signage Brochure Builders produced was eye-catching and the quality of the finished product was exceptional.

Q: Describe the value you got by working with our agency.

A: Innovative, Cost effective, Quick turn-around, Quality service/product

Q: Would you use our services again?

A: Absolutely, and I would definitely recommend Brochure Builders to any of my colleagues. A special thanks to Brandi DeLoach for her help throughout the project.  She anticipated our needs and proposed some great ideas that we incorporated into our program and always made herself available when I had last minute requests. Brandi was energetic and helped make an overwhelming project fun and very easy to manage.